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Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle at Work

About The Project

Stand Up for Health is being funded and led by the Scottish Collaboration for Public Health Research and Policy (SCPHRP) based at the University of Edinburgh. The project is currently being developed and tested in Edinburgh and the Lothians, and will later be available to communities across the UK.

The Stand Up for Health team has worked alongside a range of partners, including the Medical Research Council (MRC) after being selected as their citizen science project of the year in 2017 and we are currently working with organisations based in local communities, industry and the public sector. Further information about our current project partners can be found below.

Why You Should Join The Forum

The forum will allow you to connect and interact with others participating in Stand Up for Health, both within your contact centre and at other participating centres. Stand Up for Health staff will be posting tips, resources, photos, videos, blog posts, and hosting competitions within the forum. We encourage you to do the same! In addition, Stand Up for Health staff and other participants would love to see how you are getting on!

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